* Meet: 2010—05-02,
* Marry:c 2013-02-22.
Boy name = Wang WeiQiang
Girl name = Li Xiaojie
// They come from Inner Mongolia and Shandong.
// And meet at Beijing DaWang Road.
They are attracted by each other;
// At May 1, 2012.
And the next year they engaged;
// The boy became a entrepreneur are almost always exhausted.
Though we had a very hard life in those days ;
They still warm each other, support each other.
// AS time goes on.
A baby named Shuhan was born After they got married;
So pretty girl like an angel;
And another baby boy named Yiyang was born the next year;
// Both wind and snow all over the sky.
// Whether A sunny day.
they love. one another.
// They're no longer alone, the story goes.
They have a happy family,
With Father, mother,son and daughter.
// And next

They live happily ever after....
- 王卫强